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I meant I wear a 30 in TR (32 waist)..

Tony in size 30? hmmm

great pix again guys
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yeah, i just got a pair of true religions the other day and felt that the waist does run a size larger. I usually wear a 30 but got size 29 for the true religions. It fits well, hopefully it just wont shrink like crazy. Does anyone know if they shrink a lot in the waist after washing? Thanks. Also, I was wondering, can the european hem still be done on the true relgions (where the side stiching cuts across to the middle of the front of the pant leg). Can I still retain the original hem and will the unique stiching that comes from the side of the jean to the middle be retained after hemming? Thanks so much.
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depends how good your tailor is...

my tailor adjusted my limited edition patch joeys up 5 inches...the seems are still in line AND put the patch on the hems write back on...talk about skill =P
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My tailor is pretty good, but I don't want to risk my pair of jeans. I have heard that Nordstrom does european hems. Do you think that Nordstrom would be able to shorten the length a bit without losing the unique twisted seam and also keeping the two patches near the bottom of the pants? Thanks so much for your help.
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I tried Nordstrom before but the result varies from one to another simply because they have a few tailors doing the job and skills vary greatly. When I picked up my jeans the other day, I wasn't exactly happy with mine, but was impressed by the work done on ANOTHER pair. Talk about bad luck. So I would suggest you to go to your own tailor, or ask around for a reputable one. Nordie is too risky, especially for such special cut.
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lol if your tailor is truly good. why not stick with him? you're being too stuck with brand names there if you go randomly with norstrom.

heck my jeans were over 300 dollars and the lady i let do is a chinese woman who has a shop near the college. shes done many of my jeans...trust is trust =P skill is skill
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my tailor is good, but all the jeans I have taken to her have just had a regular hem done. I have not asked her whether she can do european hems or not though. Just thought that Nordstrom would be a safer bet..but I guess its not as consistent as I thought. Thanks for all the help.
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yep first time shes done mine too...its really not rocket science though...the hems arent that hard to adjust to be in line. i think the reason why nordstrom sucks sometimes is just cause they dont care enough. if you're very nervous give out a 5$ tip before hand and say you want this done like God making man.
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hahaha good idea. I'm sure a tip up front will definitely ensure the quality I'm looking for. Thanks for all the help. I doubt they can retain the small patchworks on the bottom of the jeans though. The true religions I have have like two patches near the bottom of the each pant leg. When tailors retain the original hem, is it also possible for them to retain those patches? They are about an inch above the actual hem. I doubt that is possible, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Any help would be appreciated.
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ya i already told you in my earlier post that my tailor retained the patch. its not hard ... i can imagine how they do it but i dont know how to sew. its just a matter about how much time your tailor willing to put in it. tell him or her that you obviously are gonna pay more for having her spend the time to patch em back.
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