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we gotta get some true religion pics

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anybody want to post some pics for us.

rock on.
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These pictures are not of me but from various sites (They are of the Joey Flares..my favorite):

If anyone wants pics of a particular style just tell me
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i'll post pics once i get mine this weekend
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hey kks...what color is your TR? it looks differnt from the one above and the one i ordered :P but i think it looks great!
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It's like a black with brown mixed into it. It is really different from all of my other jeans, I like it a lot!
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ya i agree looks amazing
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Originally Posted by kks
I've seen those at bloomingdales and barneys. They're my next purchase.
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ohh which Barneys and stores has that one? :P looks good
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Originally Posted by aipume
ohh which Barneys and stores has that one? :P looks good
The 'main' barneys over on 59th had them. I also remember seeing them over at bloomingdales.
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I have pics of fake true religions but I am a computer moron and I would be happy to post them if someone would tell me how....yikes...jaime
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I just got back from a long relaxing walk up at the outlet mall. 50 degrees was just the perfect excuse to waste a whole ton of green. Off 5th had a ton of true religion, the older style, dark blue slightly distressed with strange outlines over the front pocket and red horse shoe on the hind quarters. 80 bucks with 40% off I believe. I've seen these online and thought they were fake or way old, guess not. Also had chip and pepper, the ones with flap back pockets and cargo pockets. Not my thing. Did pick up some blue cults, if photos of those could be used. I've got an older pair of true religion, but don't think that's what you're asking for here.

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I love the Joey Flares! Has anyone got a piece for sale?
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urbanoutfitters had them last month down to 140$s,...but u missed it..what size do you want?
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urbn has them for 155 this month. If anyone is going to pick em up pm me for promo or something.
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awesome pictures apple! Thank you

How do you like them?
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thanks so much for the great pictures @apple!!!

i have one pair of TR joey's in medium vintage wash (guessing exactly the same one than yours) and just have compared picture by picture with mine. nearly everything is exactly the same than with your pair except 3 little details what made me wondering just a little bit...
first the outside tag on the waistband from my pair says: 'section #503' whilst yours says 'section joey', row and seat does not say anything, same like yours. one ebay auction stated that the #503 number would be one sure proof for being fake since real tags would say:' joey'. i'm not sure about that and i kind of doubt it, to be honest cause revolveclothing.com are selling them with the #number, too. since this is a professional store with a good reputation i doubt they would sell fake designer items, but ???

second: the inside paper tag (underneath the washing instructions tag) is different than yours.
third: the belt-loops on my pair are really kind of far apart from the seam (there seems to be a bigger gap), compared to yours. but maybe this could be because mine is a big size (31), don't know...
mine has the gutitar-buddha- print on the inside of the pockets, too.

i bought mine from a really sweet and trustworthy ebay-seller with a 100% positive feedback and a fantastic reputation selling just authentic brand jeans and i'm really trusting her, but now i'm wondering if mine could be a fake... i would be furious since the price was like instore, more than 170.- bucks!!!!
whatever the jeans looks and feels like high quality and the material and cut is just great. if it would be a fake than they did a really great job!

since this is my first and only pair so far theres nothing i can compare it to, except the picures on this great forum! i wish there were some standard signs like with sevens or citicens of humanity jeans.
anyway, it seems that at this point nobody really can tell safe signs for fake true religions, besides really obvious ones like 'hong kong' or cheap prices.
does maybe anybody know which styles are being faked so far? i know the destroyed ones for sure, but any styles else anyone?

so sorry for the loooooong post!
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Hello, *moonie*.

I am sorry that my pictures were mix-up.
I put a name of my jeans style on a subject,
didn't know that subject isn't showed on this forum.

The first pictures of my jeans are Joey Dark Premium.
Style# 10-503 Wash Code:34Dark Premium

The following is a picture of Joey Medium Vintage


So i guess yours are authentic!
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Here are my True Religion 804 28x33 BR's




Fit on these is very slim in the thighs and the waist is about a size 30 (TR's run big on the waist) Ive started running again so now i've got bigger thighs and I cant use em. Any guy want em?
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I really like that style! But I think a 28 would be really tight for me...I wear a 30
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yeah the style is very very unique, the actual waist is 30,anyone?
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i got a spare one in the 30W from urbanoutfitters, send me a PM if you want :P
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