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Real Vb Crown Tag??

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if you don't mind copy and pasting. PLEASE HELP. Thanks a lot ladies.
And can someone tell me what's up w/ HF? I'm confused.
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Hey.. not sure about the tag and not an expert on the new HF but this is HF2, an improved version. Look in chat (if it doesn't let you in, try twice and you should be ok) and see what Dave has said about all the changes. Apparently they couldn't save all 500,000 posts from HF1 - maybe one day, they will open it up so we can view all the past posts and repost but until now, we can feel free and repost anything we want! Good luck!
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hello i dont know about the tag pm me the link so i can look
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Thanks a lot cindy for the help! I'm so sorry. I couldn't sign back onto HF until now I didn't bid, but still think it was real. My GREAT lost. I've been dying for crystal crowns.
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