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my favorite lipgloss ever is graham webb bibo that was discontinued- its in a tube and has a thicker gloss on one end and a sheer sparkely gloss on the other.
i love the combo and i bought like 5 of them when they went on clearance. i also like juicy tubes and isa dora.
this is the bibo one:
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MAC is great, but I'm pretty sure you can't get it at Sephora... I also love the Dior Addict glosses, as well as Stila IT glosses, Pout makes a sweet plumping gloss, too. Philosophy's kiss me gloss is also great.
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My absolute fave is MAC lipglass. I also like Lancome juicy tubes, they smell good! I tried Nars and for as expensive as it was I hate it.
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Are those your lips, goingoutofmyhead? They're fucking awesome. </hijack>
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i love love love my bobby brown in Rose Sugar. It is the only lip gloss i have ever used the whole tube of and went back for more I also love smashbox lip gloss.
Something else i love that is reasonably priced is Sephoras own line. It's a lipstick that is like a lip gloss though. Somewhat sheer but not as sheer ar a true lip gloss. I love that stuff!
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i love my bobbi brown rose gold and mac clear lip glass. since neither of those are available at sephora, i vote for stila blackberry lip glaze!
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Originally Posted by lawgal2002
Amen on the Stila! I am just glad they increased the size of the tube! It used to be the size of the free sample you get sometimes.

I forgot to mention that Mark by Avon has knockoff's off all the designer products and a fraction of the price! www.meetmark.com

A friend of mine sells it and it is great especially if you like to save money in the makeup department. They have a version of the Stila Lip Gloss, Chanel, Lancome Juicy Tube and others.

I sell Mark and looooooove their gloss! I was waiting for someone to say something about Mark, hooray!

I also LOVE Stila lip glaze (if any of you have The Cosmetic Company stores near you at an outlet mall go there because they've got tons of Stila, MAC, Prescriptives, etc for AWESOME discounted prices)! I'm a licensed esthetician, so makeup is my PASSION!!!
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