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Alright, so I'm thinking of making a trip to Sephora sometime this week and I need some suggestions on lipgloss..

Anyone? =]
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are you looking for any specific kind? fresh and chanel are just my favorites both are really really moisturizing, really glossy, and the shades are sheer and pretty so they flatter your lips. i'm such a lip gloss junkie.. oh and biotherm makes really good lipgloss as well. those are my top 3
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ooooooh! i collect lip gloss/balm. i like chanel and lancome's juicy tubes
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I LOVE Philosophy BIG MOUTH Gloss in Nude...I hate sticky gloss and these are nice...
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as a guy, i really really REALLY prefer girls with lipgloss instead of lipstick. nice, shiny, wet, healthy, natural looking lips are hot.
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my fave right now is the stila lip glaze. i got the double ended ones that were a promo before or something. so convenient!!
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I like the chanel lipgloss in tinkle, and I also LOOOOVEE the Dior addict gloss, super soft!
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Another vote for Stila LipGlaze!
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i'm totally addicted to lancome juicy tubes!
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And ANOTHER vote for Stila Lip Glaze, as Alvina and Libby mentioned! The line has great colors & flavors!!
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Yep, I vote for Stila's lipglaze too. They last long and aren't sticky at all! For moisterizing, CO Bigelow mentha lip shine is good. But I don't think they're sold at Sephora...you can find them at B&BW, though.
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Loveee Fresh gloss - overpriced, imo
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i vote for lorac... BUT the packaging actually sucks... lip glosses look like nail polish bottles and the gloss sort of leaks out the top/edges after a while. however they have awesome colors and lots of pigment (a definite plus for me). theyre also not too sticky and feel pretty light on. around xmas time they usually come out with sampler packs in about 8 colors. the vials are teeny (perfect pocket size) and the applicator wands arent brushes (another preference of mine).
also i like chistian dior and mac glosses =)

those are my top 3
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Juicy Tubes and Philosophy gloss- i have melon and it tastes awesome!
I had STila lipglaze... but I disagree w/ others and thing it is very sticky and tastes awful. Yeah I know you're not supposed to eat it.... but you know what I mean.
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u cant go wrong with TheBalm, $14 and great not too sticky and gel like gloss. i love 'pink my lemonade'. feels minty when u put it on too!
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I have always used MAC lipgloss, but based on many of the above comments, I think I need to try Stila
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too faced's bunny balm
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I like Stila Lip Glaze but also Nars lip gloss. It has color and gloss in one tube and the colors are beautiful. I also like Urban Decay lip gloss in Carney. It is a natural, pinkish lip color and it tastes good. The CG Bigelow minty flavored glosses are awesome, too.
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Originally Posted by compulsiveshopper314
I have always used MAC lipgloss, but based on many of the above comments, I think I need to try Stila
I usually wear MAC lipglass as well. It isn't overpriced, and stays for quite some time.
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I like Stila and Nars also though I think that for the price of Stila's they could bear to give you a bit more.
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joce your avy just made me want to run off and get some chocolate!
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Urban Decay XXX Shine Lipglosses and Lancome Juicy Tubes are my absolute favourite for the summer.
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some fav's are -

Chanel Glossimer in Spark
Dior in Karolina Beige
Stila in Amaretto (L.E. from the Pussycat Doll collection)
Delux Beauty in Norris
Chanel Cristalle Gloss in 15

All of the above colors are like 'your lips but better' type color I can't seem to stop at just one, and have them in all my purses, I'm a junkie and walking into Sephora is like getting a big FIX!!!!
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i want to know about duwop lipgloss is it what they say it is that stuff really plum youre lips here in belgium i cant find that stuff nowhere
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Originally Posted by lauriebell
I like Stila and Nars also though I think that for the price of Stila's they could bear to give you a bit more.
Amen on the Stila! I am just glad they increased the size of the tube! It used to be the size of the free sample you get sometimes.

I forgot to mention that Mark by Avon has knockoff's off all the designer products and a fraction of the price! www.meetmark.com

A friend of mine sells it and it is great especially if you like to save money in the makeup department. They have a version of the Stila Lip Gloss, Chanel, Lancome Juicy Tube and others.
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