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G-star raw jeans

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i want one with a backpocket like this
http://cgi.ebay.com/G-STAR-RAW-DENIM...cmd ZViewItem
anybody kno what wash that is?

and are there any online sites that sells alot of g-star jeans? UO doesnt have alot of them
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g star online

www.baggamenswear.co.uk is one of the best online stockists of G Star. Not a lot in at the moment (sale time), but the new Spring '06 will arrive very soon. £20 shipping to the U.S.
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..anyone own a G star Heller low straight and G Star Arc Loose tapered..wanna hear ur opinion if its worth buying..thanks

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Heller Low Straight is damn straight ugly. Arc Loose tapered is good if you like the twisted leg, I like the rugby destroy arc loose tapered. http://www.zoovillage.com/images/pi/10067052/10067052_h3.jpg

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