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Question about Yokees 881

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I'm a waist 31-32. Should i get a size 28 of this? Do they look good? Pls let me know soon
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i'd advise against it, i normally wear a 27 or 28 in diesel, depending on the wash and cut, and yokees 881 in sz28 is not THAT loose around the waist...now if you were going for rumbum, i'd say you could squeeze into a 28 or 29.
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its a really hot jean. It has been made in several different forms, so beware of people in this forum telling you they're fakes because certain aspects of their yokees are different. On the diesel website, they have a high seam on the leg bottom and some design on the darts in the back. However, the vast majority of them do not have either and they are still real. I have them in the same waist size as all my other diesel jeans, but...they are looser than all the others, not by too much, but noticeably so.
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