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Where can I find. . .

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a SFAM button? I just bought a pair of HAV A's that are missing the button! Help!
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You can just replace the button from another button you can get in a fabric store. I'm not sure if you are set on it being a 7fam button or just a gold colored button though
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have any fakes laying around you can steal the button off?
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^^I was gonna suggest the same thing too but I wasnt sure if you could reattach a button from one of them
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I f**king got rid of all those fakers! But I might can locate one of them. . .

Y'all are sneaky! that's great! Thanks!
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i'm sure you can attach it somehow...i think.
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If anyone has a pair of fake SFAM lying around, I'd love to have the button! Of course, I'd pay any postage!!! Thank you!
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