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Color/Fade Difference from Jean to Jean

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i wanted to mention that each diesel jeans can have a considerable amount of difference from jean to jean since they are individually scratched. the 82H are perhaps the best example. you can go into a Diesel store and try lifting up the whole stack of any 82H jeans. you would notice that some are very orange (even the button is orange coated by the paint) while others are a little less. you ofcourse also have a slew of in betweens.

the point im making here or questioning is...are we (the people in this forum) being a little overly anal sometimes? Diesel jeans were meant to be unique even for the same style/color, yet this feature of the jeans seems to be a liability...

...just a thought...

also...my 82Hs dont seem to fade at all really and i washed them a few times.
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so, of course given this revelation, you would recommend that people buy their jeans in person rather than from ebay or other online sites? That would make sense, wouldnt it. Then people could not complain.
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thats one good note. the other one would be on the other spectrum, which makes us think are we being overly paranoid sometimes about the diesel jeans we buy? theres certain spots which are good pointers for authenticity but other points which have a decent amount of abberation. i travel alot so i always hop in different Diesel stores to look at all the stuff...sometimes i think alot of people never really been in a Diesel store or havent been in one very often or recently which makes them ill informed.

oh zathanrules, on a side note, i was curious why are you very aggressive on italiandepot and dieselofmiami? i understand that you are being informative and i actually started thinking about what you said, but after looking at alot of the threads you also seem to be rather spiteful as well...regardless i dont really care how you act...just more curious "why" you act that way. makes me wonder if you had a personal bad history with them or something. one other note you made me think is..if you say they sell "gray items" ... does honestdave for example do as well? obviously wbe dont want to put double standards cause thats just plain wrong. i dont mean to use honestdave as a bad example because hes certainly a nice person but im just using another diesel seller i know as an example. seems you are hinting that theres essentially no seller on ebay who sells authenetic , non defect items on a consistent basis...anyways...tell us!
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Its not that I have anything against anybody making a buck on ebay. I tend to place the bulk of my criticism on those who purchase from these sellers, then complain about it. Also, all those who advertise for them are just as supportive of them as I am critical of them. I think thats part of the discussion process--but in total, its important that everyone is cautious when buying from online sources. It may not work out the way you expect and there is little recourse.
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hey, so what makes you think lets say the stuff dieselofmiami is selling is any different from what Dave is selling? or are they both fake/defect? :P
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I dont know what Dave is selling. I never looked because I just dont like the buy jeans online. However, considering this is Dave's forum, I dont think he would misrepresent anything he sells. I dont really care if DiesefofMiami sells defects or not. The problem is not so much him, as it is people buying online and then wondering why their jeans dont look like they thought they would. If you see something you like from either Dave or ebay, you should buy it. It's your money, your decision
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