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Help getting Diesels...

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I have a small problem. I don't mind paying full price for a pair of Diesel jeans, but I don't have anywhere within a five hour drive to buy a pair. I wear size 29x32, and the online sites (Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters) that I checked don't carry 29x32. "Dieselofmiami" told me he had a pair of Zathans that he was going to list for me, but he never did. Even if he does list them in the future I am not about to buy them from him, just because he repeatedly lied to me through e-mail. Anyway, I really want a pair of Zathans in the 772 wash before it can't be found anymore. Should I just drive to New York when I have a few days off from classes or do I have any other options (like another reliable web department store)?

Thanks for reading,
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raul (dieselofmiami) often list size 29 if I may recall, you should check it regularly. Yesterday I asked about hippix size 34 and he replied that he will enlist it tonight and he did, but unfortunately the item is defected not first quality. It is human being relationship thing that you like him or not.

If you still want to buy at the store, then you may travel. But if you still want to buy from ebay, I suggest you to check italiandepot. He and raul come from same source but the items that they have are often vary and different between each other.
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im selling a pair of Lemmen W29 L34 style725. i have the receipt of this purchase from a Diesel store (it was on sale) and it still has all the tags. it was bought in florence italy this christmass when i went there for vacation. item is ofcourse brand NEW (just for your confirmation) and has no flaws.

if anyone interested send me an email to poooom@gmail.com with how much you are willing to offer. thanks
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i can check for you at my local store as long as you serious about buying them. Price should be around 180USD so let me know if you're interested and willing to pay.
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Hi, there is an urbanoutfitters store here and I know they have 772 diesel zathan. I can help you if you want, just let me know. Thx
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Thanks for the help. I am making a trip into Pittsburgh to check out their Urban Outfitters. I think they have what I want, but if they don't have my size or anything I will come back here.

Thanks again,
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those are really tough jeans to get in that size. I would not recommend driving anywhere without first calling the store to confirm they have the item. I guarantee that the diesel stores will have those jeans. They just got in shipments--however, because of demand, they have raised the price of the zathan 772 from 179 to 190 so be prepared to pay the extra dough
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Diesel jeans from dieselofmiami


I have purchased from Dieselofmiami several times in the past and his service is great. He is very attentive to all the questions that are asked and takes his time to respond every single one of them. Regarding the quality of his merchandise, he sells both 1st quality goods and seconds. He is very specific in his listings: when an item is first quality, it is clearly stated in the auction; when an item is defective, the flaw is described and a picture is shown. These guys do a great job in accurately describing the items sold.
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