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diesel fanker

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Hi guys,
I bought a diesel fanker from ebay and was not sure if the jeans for man and woman. How do you differentiate the male fanker from the female fanker jeans. Thank's
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The fanker is a unisex cut. I was going to bid on a pair, but I want to know what the fit is before I made a bid on them. How do they look?
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I think the fit is just fine. in my opinion, the fanker has straight leg cut and the rise is not as low as zathan or x-rotuck. They are nice jeans, especially with 796 wash.
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they were considered unisex back then, but the way jeans are cut these days, they are more mens' jeans than womans'
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the fanker was my first pair of diesel. it was my best pair also. they should make more like it. I like the cut and style of it
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