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hey need some help...

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Just by quickly browsing through your first seller (circuit depot) is selling fake Cherone (from the photo of the inside tag) and the second seller is selling fake Seven jeans so i believe these jeans are fake as well...the fabrics and the wash quality is no where near that of Diesel too.
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Those are both fake, I agree.(in my opinion)
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they look like Italiandepot or dieselofmiami type jeans. they might be real, but the wash is messed up and they were definetly rejected from the factory
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yup, those are definetely fakes [i think]
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The don't look like anything I have received from dieselofmiami. The wash looks fine, its those distresses that point it out as fake. I got ripped off on a pair that looked exactly like that from some other ebayer. I would say they are fake.
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