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SNAKESKIN FOR $129.99!!!!!!! - Page 2

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theres a size 30

*thinking* about going to nordstrom rack to find them but... I dunno if I could pull them off. They might be too sexy and sophisticateded... for a college kid who doesn't shower, shave or change clothes. Imagine me showing up to class with those on and some sandals and a t shirt. I might have to get some shiny boots or lofers and black velvet blazer for those.
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Haha, that's hilarious.
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saw those, but way way above what i could hope to pay.
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The snake skin is real isnt it? I'm going to be mad if it's not. I'm just still surprised I could get them, any pair, let alone the snakeskin for $129.99.
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Originally Posted by gordiepoopy
I disagree... I think they're all authentic... he bought them at nordstrom rack.
Remember that Nordstrom's sells fakes at times. Please refer to this post:

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^^^^ I am also looking for Bobby's. Anyone see any in size 32?
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