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zaf vs. clerby

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Hi guys,
I am just curious if there are some differences in the style between zaf and clerby diesel jeans. It seems both of them have the same cut (they have low rise and flare leg). Thanks
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Actually from the measurements I have from the ZAF and Clerby, they are the exact same cut. The only difference is the stitching on the Clerby outside seam as it gets close to the waist of the jean, it turns back toward the butt instead of going all the way up. They also come in different washes, but the main difference is the outseam.

Does anyone know if they are going to continue the Clerby style for the spring/summer 05? I know the Clerby was new for fall/winter 04, but I didn't know if they were going to keep the style or not.
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I think they are getting rid of it for next season. The clerby is an awesome fit. Its a little more curvy so it fits certain body styles better than others. It appears to be a chick magnet though.
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just to show you these are authentic

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They look great! Check your PM!!!
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Very interesting! Made in morocco... I hadn't seen any of the clerbys which weren't made in italy. That clears up a few questions I had about some x-rotucks I got from ebay user zorocky.
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ok. i just went to the diesel store and they have just one pair left of clerby 82L W33" L32". Those who wants them to be customised these guys do a perfect job. I'm a 29.5 L and they've done well. Look at the photo you will see it looks as though they came this way but these are altered. If anyone's interested in kindly make an offer. I've asked them to put these aside and will let them know in the next 24hrs if i want them. let me know. Your pair will be W33" L32". Cheers.
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