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Jennifer Big T sizing?

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I just won a pair of these in a size 26 (impulse buy!) without doing much research. The description says that it fits similar to Bobby, except for the extra flared leg. Are these claims true/half-true/hearsay? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
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I had the Jennifer Big T in Easy Rider...they fit TTS to a tad big (but not enough to size up). Overall they fit bigger in the thighs than the Bobbys IMO.
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I have jennifer in super light vin and it fit like my joeys not my bobbys~
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Thanks for the responses...here's hoping that my thunder thighs will be able to squeeze in
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I think the fit is similar to Bobbys. I sized up for my Jennifers and they fit fine without stretching out too much as I wear them.
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They do fit more like bobby's in my opinion, and actually hug the knee area more before the flare, but I stayed my same size
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