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Clerby 82L???

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Does anyone know where I can purchase a pair of Clerby 82L online. Also, if anyone wants to sell me a pair in a 33 or 34 x 34 then let me know. Thanks
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I believe urbanoutfitter.com has the 82L clerby jeans.
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Thats a great pair of jeans. Apparently there were only 3 diesel stores and about the same number of retailers who got these jeans. Thats how rare they are. You will never find these jeans on sale and apparently from what I hear there is a black market type thing going on with these jeans where some people are paying like $500 a piece for them. Good luck.

By the way, the ones that are going for alot are the ones WITHOUT the eagle emblem on the back pocket. There are only about 2500 of those made. The ones with the emblem are worth just the measley 245 bucks.
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Does anyone else sell them? I have had a really bad experience with Urban Outfitters and try not to purchase from them anymore.
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LIke I said, good luck. There is one seller who is selling a size 29 on ebay and it doesnt have the eagle emblem, so he is actually selling a pair of jeans that could be worth up to $500 for only $200. A smart investor might consider buying them, but not me. I'm a wearer, not a collector
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I have another question to ask about these jeans. Since they are a stretch denim, should I order them a size larger than normal so they don't fit skin tight? I don't like my jeans loose, but I don' t want to be modeling my thighs either!
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I tried them on a while back and didnt like the way they looked in my actual size. I think with stretch jeans I would go a size down. They stretch out eventually anyways so that shouldnt be much of a problem.
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for those interested i can get a 31 and a 33 for these. they have no eagle emblem in the back but only couple of them left for each sizes. the 31 will fit 32-33 and 33 will fit 34-35. Let me know soon. each is 200USD+shipping. i can put these on ebay and u can bid from there.
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baboonut I am really interested in a pair. Check your private messages and let me know what I need to do.
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red and replied
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i've asked the guys at the shop to put it aside but so far no one has shwon interest. will ask them to release it then.
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Again, if anyone has a pair of these to sell in a 31,32,33 waist and a 34 length I would definitely be interested.
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I love them, I know 4 stores here that sells it and it goes for $400CDN and it has the eagle on the back I believe.
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Jaylo, I pm'd you. Are you sure about the price. The ones with the eagle were supposedly less expensive, correct me here Zathansrule. Anyway I would be interested in buying a pair from you if you could get them from one of those stores.
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if you want them, then buy them. Regular price is $245, eagle or not. They're just great jeans. I just got my pair 2 days ago
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Zathans, where can I get them from? Can you go get a pair for me and sell them to me? I have no access to them. I will gladly pay the 245 plus shipping and whatever it costs you to drive and get them!
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They got them in just a few stores down here in the New York City area. As far as on the web, I dont know anywhere. Sizing is limited though
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Could you pick me up a pair and let me pay you? I can pay you before as long as I know if they have my size.
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What do you mean by "eagle emblem" on the back? I've seen these jeans before, and, as far as I can recall, all the ones I've seen don't have an eagle emblem. The ones I've seen have a rusty distressed mark on the back pocket and a "dipping-V" design; are you referring to this? Or is it actually an emblem of an eagle (the animal)? Help me out, thanks.
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hi i bought mine in england for £150 they dont have the eagle on, ive never seen any with it on apart from on a diesel website rus
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maybe, it was reversed and the valued ones are the ones with the eagle in the back. I dont think that's the point. The point is that they're great jeans and who's gonna collect diesel jeans anyways?
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was selling a new pair for less than 90 quids and no one bought... you must be loaded to pay 150 quids for a pair of jeans...
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what's a quid?
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Originally Posted by ZATHANSRULE
what's a quid?
QUID = UKP. It slang for a UK pound.
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