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All Clothing 50% Off

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Hi all...a local store in Milwaukee WI is having a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING in the store. They have Diesel, PD&C, Seven, Ben Sherman, etc. If there is anything anyone is interested in let me know...seems like a pretty good sale to me.

Here is their website...not much to it right now...but shows majority of brands that they have.

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The offer isnt valid anymore.
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Ignore the offer posted on the website...its old and hasnt been updated!
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Hey I'm interested. What are some slim fit pd & c in mens that they carry? And any information on zathans like washes they have, price, in size 30x32 or 31x32. Thanks
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The sale is all of next week, so I will be going Sunday to get an early start on what they have. I will try to post the best idea of exactly what they have on sunday the 26th.
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