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Rock and Republic sizing

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I need help with the sizing for rock and republic jeans.

I only own 1 pair of 7's because they seem to not fit me right. But I've tried them on and I alternate between a 25 and a 26.

I own a couple of blue cult jeans. I can't remember the style of one of them but that one is a 26, the other pair is Kate jeans in a 25.

I find that most of my jeans stretch out that the waist on most of my size 26 pairs become loose and i tend to need a belt.

I was wondering what size would be best to get for the roth stretch flare jeans as well as the scorpion jeans.

Thanks for the help!
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I don't know if I can give you definitive advice, but I can tell you that R+Rs tend NOT to stretch out very much....compared to my Sevens (which basically hang off at the end of the day), my R+Rs keep their shape and don't stretch very much.

I wear a 24 in most things, though I wear a 25 in my nonstretch A pockets and would probably have trouble sizing down.

My R+Rs (Roths) are a size 24, and they are a little tight in the waist. R+Rs tend to be slim in the thigh, as they fit mine nicely and I have nooo thighs at all.

If you have some thighs and butt to take care of, then you could probably do a 26 since the waist probably won't stretch out on R+Rs. If you're slimmer in those areas, then you could try a 25. It coud depend on washes/styles, I have tried on a couple R+Rs and my pastel rainbow pockets seem to fit a bit smaller than others that I've tried! Hopefully someone can give you more guidance...I'm no R+R expert! Maybe if you have a Saks or Bloomies near you, you can try some on, they definitely have them
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R+R sizing

I also alternate between a 25+26 in jeans but ive noticed that I ALWAYS wear a size 25 in R+Rs. I say best stick with the 25s ...
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^^ agreed. the sizing varies with the wash IME. for most washes, i would try a 25. the dark punk wash runs small, so i'd size up to 26 for that. HTH!
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if you get roth, get a 25 as they run big. other styles... i would recommend a 25 as well since they all stretch out a bit.
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