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I sent payment to giamatshop for an item on August 21, 2014.  It is unusual not to hear from them immediately with a tracking number upon receipt of payment.  I am here in the USA.  Does anyone on the forum have an idea of why they have not replied back to me? Is it holiday in Europe? etc?  Just wondering as they are very prompt.  Thanks.

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hi, I ordered a pair tepphar 835 in August and 1 week wait before leaving the package. Delivery in 4 days in Belgium. It has many holidays there in Italy in August and the Italian post is not very fast. Patience .....

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Generally he is very quick, Unless he is on holidays at present. If he is busy some times he does reply very late.

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Italy + August = delay

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i agree with what everyone said...sometimes he is very slow in replying etc, but be sure that he will ship and it will get there fast. hes probably the most reliable seller ive encountered so far

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Anybody knows his email adress? Ive had PM him a couple of time, but without answer.
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Fancy guy fancy shipping
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He was out of house. On tuesday ordered, on wednesday in my hands :-)

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Can anyone link me to his ebay listings? Or does he just sell on here?

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Originally Posted by TheKid13 View Post

Can anyone link me to his ebay listings? Or does he just sell on here?


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Thanks buddy.

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Hi guys.
Has anyone heard from Giamatshop recently? I've paid three weeks ago for a pair of jeans and no proper reply since..
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Just spoke to him and he's having problems with deliveries from diesel. It's also the reason the main denim collection is delayed on the online store. He assured me that these issues will be resolved very soon and he'll complete the orders. He should've contacted you but he didn't my want to contact until he had a fix in place. Communication is not his strong suit.
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Thank you for the head's up!


He also sent me a PM explaining things.


No trust is harmed. :)

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