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Thavar 823U Sizing

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Found a really good price on this wash in 32x34 and decent price on 33x32 but not sure if I could size down from my normal 33x32. I wear 33x32 or 33x34 in Thavar 8x2, 32x34 in Thavar 884s, 33x32 in Shioner 805A and 33x32 in Thavar 803U. Also, 32x34 for Thavar 811p (don't have this though but based on my 33x32 pair).







What do you guys think? Is this wash very tight to begin with or loose enough to size down? 


Want this kind of fit preferably. 



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Do not size down from your usual Thavar size. If you wear W33 in Thavar 8x2, then get W33 in Thavar 823U. It is basically the same thickness and hard denim. It even has 3D logo on the zip fly. So be advised that it fits closer to the skin :)

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Well, this is not an easy question. I don't think you risk much my going with your normal size, but....


I sized down to 30x30 for my 823U while my 8x2 is 31x30. For me they fit equally tight, also around the knees. The 823U denim feels crisper and not quite as thick as the other.


Writing this I tried on the 811P also in 30x30, and 823U is a tighter fit. 

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Well, 8x2 in 33x32 is not very tight on me and loosened over 5-6 wears. It's snug but feels good. Thavar 811p in 33x32 is very loose on me so I think based on my slim legs, 32x34 will work. If not, I will return or sell it depending on where I order. I'll take the risk unless Diesel SF has it to try on.

Thanks for the advice.

Edit: Neither SF or Livermore outlet has it. Doubt San Jose one does.
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823U for me was really tight to begin with but has loosened up nicely. Still a nice skinny fit but the waist seems to have relaxed and I need a belt with them now. This was 32W, but I don't really have many others to compare them with.

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