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Tepphar 835L and Thavar-NE 830Q fit pics and review

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Haven't done one of these in a while so here goes! Giamatshop package arrived yesterday with the usual excitement and what I was really looking forward to was the first Tepphar Blue Eyecon. Any of the older members will remember I have quite the soft spot for Blue Eyecons up until recently. So I'll take that pair first.



Ok on first inspection, I'll have to concede that while they are quite nice, are they really Blue Eyecons? The wash is deep, bright indigo and the contrast fading is a little bright for my taste. They remind me of 74Y or 75G. The rip and repair details are nice. Even the crotch blowouts have been repaired with skill and are barely noticeable. Also they are repaired with real denim patches. What sets them apart is the denim itself. They are heavy! Overall weight I mean. The construction of the stretch material is pretty tight and its like they were originally quite thick and rigid but was given a good enzyme wash to optimize the soft hand feel. The only trade off would be that I'd say they stretch while wearing but the tightness of the weave would allow the denim the regain its shape after wearing.

In summary, these have a good weight and great for autumn and they are sooooooo comfortable with a great fit but the downside is the high contrast fading which would make them a little hard to pair stuff with. I'm gonna keep it plain with these, avoiding checks, prints and statement pieces. Also, its my opinion that these are not worth Diesel prices but the giamatshop discount offers appropriate value.











I've been excited at the prospect of grey joggs since I saw the press release. Been really digging the joggs lately. Better fit than regular Thavar with a slimmer leg and smaller leg opening. And I've found it so hard to find a nice grey wash since 886B, which unfortunately let itself down by being absolutely crap quality! But these are not the beautiful washed black to grey that the 886B had. These would be closer to 807D, 8QP or 887Q. Light grey coloured wash. plain, no detailing apart from some fading. Tight fit similar to 825I. The type of material is more like the more recent, generic joggs that have come out. Quite unlike the more expensive ones like 604N or 603M. Either way, these are extremely comfortable and versatile pair and I will get great wear out of them. Just like the 835L, these are not worth the Diesel price tag but Giamatshops prices are more appropriate for these pairs.







Anyway, I'm gonna keep both pairs as they are worth it. Hope you enjoyed the review. Its a bit word-y but I am a motor mouth! Let me know what you think!

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Thanks for the pix and reviews, Phukette! They're enjoyable to read and informative, as always.

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+1 many thanks phukette
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great review as always, both fittin perfect and 835L is amazing!

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Congrats on both pair. Definitely worth it with discout
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Nice review Phukette. I really like how Thavar-NE 830Q fit on you they look spot on.

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@ phukette
the jogg jeans you're wearing on the picture, is that really 830Q ? it looks more blue than grey? or my eyes are crap icon_smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Weenie View Post

@ phukette
the jogg jeans you're wearing on the picture, is that really 830Q ? it looks more blue than grey? or my eyes are crap icon_smile.gif

Looks like the sunlight is making them look like blue in colour.

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Both look great! I might get these Tepphar a go as well. Did you stick to your regular Thavar size?

Those Joggs look amazing as well, but I'm worried they'll gonna look sloppy.. I have a Krooley Jogg and they really look like sweat pants after a couple of wears. So I'm not able to wear them outside the house..
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None of my joggs have gotten very sloppy just yet. My 603M are over a year old too. I'm sure some of them will stretch badly that's why I'd never pay retail for them.
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Thank you for the review of the Tepphar 835L, it is a detailed and needed information for me! I really appreciate it as I was looking at it, although Im still not sure If I really need it.

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Thanks gents! Bit of an update. I wore them all weekend and like I thought the 835L do stretch while wearing but every morning they go back to being nice and snug. Also, these are not for warm weather, it's been a bit toasty here recently and the weight of these makes them quite warm to wear!
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hi Phukette!!!!!!!


hows Tepphar 835L compare to Tepphar 880R or 881W?


thanks in advance!

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They're similar but the 835L is richer in colour. More of a deep indigo similar to 8YM, 74Y or 75G or even maybe 880W but darker. It's the material that's the real winner for me.
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thanks Boss!  So I guess what does the material feel like?  is it thick like 74Y?  or stretchy semi thick like 880r?  or are they like 880w.



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Beautiful outfits! I especially like the joggs on you.  They look like regular jeans and I'm sure are very comfortable.

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Got both too and i agree with Phuket review. I dont think jjeans get looser if you pick the right size. They stretch +1or 2 size. I have always been upset about denim durability vs regular blue jeans denim though.
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So can someone pls help identify how 835L texture material feels like?
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Hey DC, a description of the denim is in the review. Peruse at your discretion! They're not really similar to any other diesel denim I've come across so I described then best I could.
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got it!! Thanks Phukette!!!!

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