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Thavar 8880m sizing

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I will be buying some summer washes and I think I will start with Thavar 8880m. Usually I wear 33x32 in Thavar jeans. I could go with 32x32 but jeans legs will be very tight so Im wondering how  Thavar 8880m fits and if it stretches in the waist a lot. I know it's a thin denim.


I don't know why most of Thavar jeans have quite roomy waist and tight legs. I noticed that recently when i was going through my Thavar jeans collection. 

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8880M were a weird one. Thin denim but cotton/lyocell mix. Usually lyocell blends run big but these actually ran quite slim and with the lyocell the thighs never had much give. Aside from that they were crackin jeans. So my advice, don't size down on these. But if my opinion counts for anything, I actually prefered the 880I wash. Stiff, 100% cotton and a more natural wash. They were awesome.
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880l looks awesome too but I won't be able to find them online in 33x32. There is only one pair on eBay but much smaller size.

What do you mean by crackin jeans? They are too low rise ? I noticed you sold your 8880m in 32x32. You didn't like them?
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Crackin means great. I sold them coz they were summer jeans and there was no give in the thigh. Very tight and with the warmer weather they were quite uncomfortable. Shame though, the wash was so unique. I wasn't gonna bother sizing up either coz the loose waist would look ridiculous coz I've no ass to hold them up.
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@Phukette you finally sold your 8880M? That's a shame because they looked great on you.


My 8880M are better to wear in the summer rather than 880I. They are much thinner denim than the 880I. They are thinner denim than 880M too. I really like them.


I also have 825M which are a bit more stretchy than the 8880M but very similar.

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880i is greater one..


Thavar 880i 33/32:



you can PM to him here or on ebay, for another discount.

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Yeah, I took ages levislad but I finally sold them. Thanks for the compliment but the trade off for comfort was too much. I have my SLP jeans now they are awesome but I have been looking your pics of the 825M and it has piqued my curiousity!
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Here are the 825m

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Yes indeed, 8880M runs slimmer in the waist , let`s say compared with the Thavar 811P (i have tried both washes in W29). The 811p was pretty large in the waist and very tight on legs, especially knees, and the 8880M was perfect in the waist and not so tight on the legs (mostly because of the thinner denim, and probably of the stretchy lyocell also).



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Thanks for pics guys. Now I'm stuck between 8880m and 880i. I like the fact 880i doesn't have distressed thing on the knee like 8880m but 8880m fits tighter on the waist which is good thing in my case. I don't like when jeans stretch too much in the waist.
I will be moving from Connecticut to Miami in less than a year so I'm trying to buy some decent summer washes. I will be wearing my Diesel jeans even in 100F degree weather with high humidity icon_smile.gif

How 880i fits? Do they stretch a lot in the waist?

825m looks awesome. But for some reason I like 8880m or 880i. I saw images of you wearing 8880m and I think I like that wash more.

Phukette, you live in Ireland and Summer there is not that hot. But thanks for reminding me about 880i. I totally forgot about that wash but I remember when they came out and I was actually thinking about getting what wash.

Coolsteel, I also like 811p but they look sort of similar to other thavar jeans I already have.

And Shalomi, huge thanks for finding 33x32 and mentioning about another discount. Maybe he will knock out a few bucks for me.
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Can anyone tell me how the Thavar 888p waist runs??

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The 880i looks like this
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Originally Posted by rcom440 View Post

Coolsteel, I also like 811p but they look sort of similar to other thavar jeans I already have.

Didn`t imply that you buy 811P :p , is just that i only have tried 811P and 8880M in Thavar , so i could only compare those two. Btw , besides the fact that waist was too loose on 811P , they were also too thick for summer here in Romania, so i returned them.

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I think 8880m is much thiner than 811p and it's a lighter wash which I thought would be perfect for summer, even in Miami FL icon_smile.gif
Btw. I always wanted to go to Bucharest and check those post Ceausescu buildings, especially that huge white architectural masterpiece, I forgot the name if that building but it looks amazing.
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Yes, they are much thiner and denim is super soft, perfect for summer. The Ceausescu`s biggest accomplishment it`s called "Palace of the Parliament" and the more popular name is "People House" , and yes, it makes you feel small when you walk by it :)https://www.google.com/search?q=people+house&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=bsbiU4DeA6TQ7Aa-voHADg&ved=0CAsQ_AUoBA&biw=1334&bih=848#q=Palace+of+the+Parliament+bucharest&tbm=isch&imgdii=_  Here you go, the google maps link, i`ve checked it myself as i haven`t visited it in a while :mrgreen:  https://www.google.com/maps/place/Palace+of+the+Parliament/@44.4274465,26.1006027,1025a,20y,270h,41.43t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x40b1ff427bee28c1:0x2b1089f802abaddc

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Weird thing is, I had a few dreams about this building before I knew it exists. Then one day I saw it on the TV and I surprised because it seemed exactly the same as building in my dreams. Since then I always wanted to visit.
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It could be the goverment using remote-brain-washing technology to push us into liking things before we even get in touch with them :D:D

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I'm not sure. I even asked my my mom if she ever visited Bucharest with me when I was very small so I wouldn't remember that trip but she said No, we were never in Bucharest icon_smile.gif
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Time to visit it then, and see for yourself if it comes closer to the dream you had :)

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That would be awesome Coolsteal. Bucharest seems to be such a magical city judging from the pics I saw online.

Btw, I think I will get 880i but I will wait for new yoox codes icon_smile.gif
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