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Hi guys,

how u like this model? Is this a jeans or leather?

Anyone good pictures?


Do u know another black or very dark nice wash?


Thank you!

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It's cotton jean. Pretty basic black jean
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Do u know a nice black wash?

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Not sure what you mean by "nice black wash". All basic black jeans are the same to me.

I didn't pay attention to current season stuff, but I know before there was tepphar-a that offered in simple black color.
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No not just simple black.. I´ve seen sometimes very dark washes with used areas aso..

Something like 833y..

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Thanaz 8QQ, in my book.

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Something in Tepphar?

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You might like Tepphar 833Y from the new collection.

Then, there are washes like 806Q or 822R with subtle fading or 822I with coating, if you're in to that.

The most basic current black wash would be 886Z.

Finally, theres another black Tepphar Jogg that goes by the wash code 807G, basic black wash.

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I gave Sleenker 886Z and it's a jet black plain wash. I know it has been available in Tepphar and Thavar
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Thank you!

Yes the 833y is amazing!

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833Y gets my vote!
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Absolutely, but the price is intimidating! :(

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Maybe try sleenker 609t?
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

833Y gets my vote!

Yes, 833Y is amazing... a lightly waxed, dirty dark blue mixed with black and a teeny bit of dark grey. It isn't a black pair per se, but the wash is very dark, and just great. Well worth what it costs.

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I have bought them with cultizm and the tepphar reboot black on sale at diesel (half price, last one in 26)
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