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Sears.com selling DIESEL??? WTF?

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Hey DB, I'm usually over at AF.com, but I haven't been on much since R&R went south... anyway, got into Diesels again (just picked up a nice pair of 829b), was looking stuff up and saw Sears.com selling Diesels?  What's up with this?  Is this old news???





Anyway, just in case yall didn't know or if I'm missing something, that's why I'm posting here...


EDIT:  I see what's happening... it's like Amazon, but with Sears, people can sell on Sears.com.


Nvm :)

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Yeah that's happened to me a couple of times when I've tried to google something and it is always about 3x the retail price too. What do you think of R&R being at Kohl's now? http://www.kohls.com/feature/rockrepublic.jsp

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R&R went out of business long time ago. Michael Ball (founder, CEO) is a prick. He was buying rare expensive muscle cars and billing r&r. He was doing some shady business on the side as well. They deserve to go out of business.
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^yeah, in a way, I'm glad R&R is out. I still have a few rare washes, but hardly wear em anymore. Sold off most of the collection, so it feels good to back in good denim. I'm only collecting diesels now. icon_smile.gif

When RR went to kohls, I stopped buying them a little before then. Oh well, life goes on! And yes, Ball was a prick.
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He was more of a scam artist than a businessman. He didn't pay a lot of people for their work. He was trying not to sign any contracts with more like a handshake sort of thing. He owned money to photographers, graphics artists and some people who were doing marketing for R&R.
I own quite nice black tailored blazer from R&R I got for free from them in 42regular. If anyone wants it, let me know.
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