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Trying To Identify A Style

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Any help you guys would be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.  My girlfriends favorite pair of jeans are falling apart, trying to find her a new pair but cant seem to locate them online with the info on the tag. 


The tag shows the following


Style: U075019U-061U

Cut: 101210

100% Cotton


Do they still make this style?  Or a comparable style?  What exactly does the Style & Cut stand for?  Is cut like boot, slim, etc.?

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any idea how old they are? I am betting on the older style if they're not coming up on a search. Chances are they're not made anymore. Have you tried checking ebay?

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Im pretty sure they are 5 to 10 years old.  Ive tried looking on eBay by the style number, but the ones that come up with the same number don't look like them at all.  Im trying to figure out what the Style and the Cut numbers stand for.  Should I be looking for the same cut number if she likes the way they fit rather than the style number?

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The cut number simply indicates the batch that the jeans came from. Yes, every batch will be the same style/wash (so all pairs from batch 101210 will be her favorite old rigid pair--that's a possible way to wade through the millions of Ebay listings, and I've used cut number searches to snag some very rare old pairs)


My guess is that these are old New York Dark rigid bootcuts. (U075 = bootcut, 019U/061U are usually NYD or NYD-based rigid washes)...they are from probably 2001, before they started numbering the batches beginning with 7s (7#####)...so long ago that they have now stopped using the 6-digit cut numbers beginning with 7. lol

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^was waiting for you to chime in with your expert knowledge!

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