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Hi everyone, I used to come on here back in the honestforum days, when I was really into Diesel.  I quickly grew my collection and now I have 30+ jeans, with around 20 or so that no longer fit me! :madm:  They're all size 26 or size 27.  Would anyone be interested in any of these:


Zathan 764     26x30
Zathan 770     26x30
Zathan 772     26x30     Lab 226
Zathan 772     27x30     Lab 325
Zathan 60F     27x30
Zathan 70Z     27x30
Zathan 71J     26x30     Lab 285
Zathan 71J     26x30     Lab 330
Zathan 82N     26x30
Zathan 84R     27x30 hemmed from 27x32
Clerby 82L     26x30 hemmed from 26x32
X-Rotuck 772     27x30 hemmed from 27x32
Thanaz 89S_Stretch 26x30
Thanaz 71B     26x30
Thanaz 71J     26x30 hemmed from 26x32
Thanaz 8LP     26x30
Keever 8LG     27x30
Safado 8AA     26x30