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To all Krooley 801Y owners, Diesel Experts, I need a little help! :(

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Hi guys, I have to ask you some help with a problem occured to me with an eBay transaction.


I've sold 1 month ago 2 pair of jeans on eBay, buyer paid, items were shipped and everything was fine...I was wrong.


Today, the buyer open a case on PayPal saying the one of the 2 jeans is not as described in the auction and claims it's fake. and wants the refund of that jeans


(at least to the other jeans I've sold to him, krooley 801N is ok, no fake, etc....weird, isn't it? -_-)


He's message: "hello i have got the jeans but fabric seems to be like a cardboard so rough :)"


The items is a krooley 801y, I've even tried to sell the item here on marketplace, got some positive feedbacks over there for past deals.


Item ofc is 100% genuine and brand new, as you can see on the link of my classified:





I'm trying to explain to this guy the denim was just made that way, with wrinkles, stakings, a strong use of starch....it's just brand new, that's why the "cardboard" feeling.


I linked him the diesel store page with best image to show if there's any difference:




As last chance, I told him to take the denim in any Diesel store and ask if they're genuine.



I'm asking here to you, old experienced users or even owners of this jeans that there's nothing fake in that jeans, opinions, what action I may take, etc


I'd like show him this thread as a proof of my fairness, I feel so confused right now, since I never had problems of this kind... :(

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unfortunately man; the seller will always loose


you can try to argue, but PayPal or eBay won't care.  Your best bet is ask buyer to pay shipping, return jeans to you for full refund.. and try to sell jeans again.  Most of the time buyer will not pay return shipping, and since you do not get the jeans back you cannot issue refund.  so that's done.   


this is one of the risks w/ selling on eBay.. buyer always wins. well from my experience anyway.


Only time buyer/seller wins is when buyer claims he did not receive the jeans, and you have proof and evidence that you shipped the jeans to the address indicated in PayPal.. then in this case eBay refunds both you and the buyer.


good luck!

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Thanks for reply DC!


That sucks...


I'm wondering how PayPal/eBay will let win the case to buyer even if he claims somthing not true, like a item fake when is clearly genuine...


I'm gonna try to argue, waiting for his response in the meanwhile...


And again, that sucks...! -__-

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please post ebay link directly here on denimblog. we will check authenticity and then attach it to the case.


actually some ebay buyers are totally idiots and they are trying to get some extra money.

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Thanks zdenal for your help! Here the link to my eBay auction:




They've been sold for a quite cheap price for brand new item: the same wash/cut can be find at double price on eBay.


The weird thing is I've sold him 2 diesel denim, krooley 801n and krooley 801y, while the first seems to be ok for him, the latter doesn't!


I mean, how it could be that one of 2 diesel jeans is a fake since they were both bought in the same place, a Diesel factory shop? 


That's what leave me astonished and make me sospicious about this case opened on PayPal.

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Krooley 801Y / 0801Y are authentic!

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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post

Krooley 801Y / 0801Y are authentic!


Really appreciated, zdenal! :)


I hope other users might help me like you saying their opinion about this jeans! I'd like to link this to PayPal when needed!

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Quick update: fortunately buyer dropped the case after I send the message explaining what I said here.


So happy for that and ty for your support, guys :)

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great! ;-)

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As an authorised representative of this blog I can attest that these jeans are 100% authentic. And zdenal is right, some ebay buyers are chancers or idiots.
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