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Hello,i have never got any diesel jeans before,but ive tried on 2 pairs in the store when i was back to italy.I really like to buy these diesel krooley 0801N but for that price they have only 31/32,ive tried diesel safado stretch jeans 31/32 and they would fit perfect,but 30/32 of the same model was too tight.I have also tried on another pair which i dont remember the name but they were 32/32 and didnt stretch at all and barely could get in!!this is what worries me,i believe i have big thights,i do workout but people tell me my legs are big compared to the rest of my body,all normal but its like swimmer body to wrestler legs.i dont also know how the krooley tend to fit.If you guys need any picture of my legs or whatever tell me pls,but i would really like to get a confirmation,its even my first time and i dont wanna get disappointed.thankyou