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No more Bootcut Jeans from FW14 on?

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Shop assistants in several Diesel stores told me that there won't be any Diesel Bootcut Jeans from FW14 on and both Zathan and Zatiny would be discontinued. Can anybody confirm that this is true? I already noticed that are no expensive Zathans since 2011/2012 anymore, (we mostly get only cheap and boring models) and that there is only one Zathan wash in SS2014 (0806W).

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Maybe Zathan / Zatiny could be discontinued but there are some alternative(s) like New Fanker... I wouldn't say Diesel will stop produce bootcuts.

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only if we're lucky.

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Does anyone wear bootcut any more?
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Based on previous pics and questions you can see bootcut it's not dead. We already went through some progress, from bootcut -> straight -> slim skinny cuts etc. (Kn boneat forjm era) icon_smile.gif
So I would't say this, even you were against thanaz / thavar cut so long (if I remember well) and now you are saying this.

Also all that hate regarding safado and krooley, everyone has his own favorite cut / style, so don't "judge" if you don't like / fit you well that cut. Possibility to choose and wear different styles is the advantage of personality and if something isn't fitting you, different people will wear it nice and brave! icon_wink.gif

I can imagine Karacho's Narrots - great fit. Also I'm thinking to get Narrot 816K for summer icon_wink.gif
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I wasn't being offensive. I was merely suggesting that fashions and tastes change and that bootcuts are not as popular anymore.


Yes, I didn't like Thanaz (Thavar didn't exist then) because I wasn't a fan of skinny jeans. I was still in Zathan and Zatiny Bootcuts and Safado (which I still wear and like). My tastes have changed too.

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In paris everybody wears skinny jeans... Bootcut foes not exist anylonger
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Skinny jeans will eventually fade out and boot cut style will be in again icon_smile.gif
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yup nothing is trendy forever. skinny jeans days are def numbered IMO. as far as bootcut a lot of people wear bootcut jeans in dallas, but i would say these are not fashionable people. they are usually jeans with a bunch of sequins beads and rivets on the back pocket. they make me want to puke to be honest.

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ten years from now it will be "No more Skinny Jeans from FW24 on?"

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Originally Posted by Levislad View Post

Does anyone wear bootcut any more?

I was thinking the exact same thing when I read the title of this thread.

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It seems as if my sources were wrong:


ZATHAN 0831D: http://shop.diesel.com/zathan-0831d/0010*R0831D.html?dwvar_0010*R0831D_color=01


Several new Zatiny washes are available, too.

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Plenty of people still wear bootcuts. Department stores always carry a few washes and by all accounts they sell well. Some people either can't or won't wear anything else. It's all a matter of taste I suppose. A couple of friends of mine who play rugby or football can really rock the bootcuts. They don't look great on me though.
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Actually in Paris i havent seen people wearing bootcut jeans for a while. They wear regular 501 style, slim or skinny cuts (sleenker style cut for people working in fashion... Mostly youngers).
The only people wearing bootcut are women but these are not jeans but fashion pants !!!
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