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Diesel Tepphar 830K, Fall/Winter 2014 Review and Fit Pics

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Hi Guys - I like to take a moment and briefly talk about Tepphar 830K.  This pair has peaked some interest in the forums and few of us have already got this wonderful pair; please feel free if you like to add onto anything I missed.



So I think I've gained some muscle or fat around my thigh due to cycling a bit more this summer; but according to other members suggestions I got my usual size 28x30.  The jeans are stretchy and I suspect after few wears it would stretch out about 0.5".  So I would stick to your usual size.  If you like them skin tight, you may be able to squeeze them in but w/ the jeans thickness I wouldn't be surprise if they rip around the crotch area after some wear.  


I guess the jeans are about 8-9oz.  They are made out of 97% cotton and 3% elastane.  They look and the texture feels little like Tepphar 804K but they are not loose fiiting like 804K.   They are also Made in Italy.





Some concerns w/ all the rips everywhere in the front.  I really like them, but I feel they are just a bit too messy.. so I need to get some plain shirts to go w/ them.  But they are very funky and rock otherwise.  Another concern I have is the rips are not reinforced.  So if you are not careful while pulling them on, your toes may poke through the rips and rip the jeans even more.



also I hoped the jeans have more rust color but they do not.  There are some but its not very obvious.  Jeans are mainly blue and dark blue.



Comparing it w/ 881w: Although I can see some similarities in fading patterns with 830K and 881w; but the color, texture and the feel of the jeans are different.   881w is soft, has way more golden rust spots and rust color bleach spots.  Where 830K has no visible golden tone, and its bleach spots is white.


Conclusion: I quite like the jeans.  They are very nice pair of blue jeans if you are looking for excess rips and tears for that ultra punk and rock look.  But its not suitable for all events and most likely not work friendly pair.


More Photos:



Match it w/ All Saints Level leather Jacket I recently bought



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thank you for review, dc! they fit you great.

Unfortunatelly they are to much ripped and slashed :-) for my taste. I have to find 881W for cheap :-)

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Great review as always.
They fit you perfect and I like your shoes, but I agreed with zdenal.
Anyway great buy, great jeans and you will enjoy with this tepphar.
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Originally Posted by Shlomi View Post

Great review as always.
They fit you perfect and I like your shoes as well.


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Very nice DC
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Thanks guys!!!
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Nice dc. I wish this jean comes with less rippes. I would be all over it.

Which shoes are those?
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"Are those reebok or nike"?



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lol -


The shoes are Cole Haan.... i quite like their shoes they are skinny and fits nice; and always available on sale at outlets =)

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I really like the color. What's the name?
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I have received my pair yesterday and will post pics this weekend.
The fabric is great. I have pick my usual size
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@Dieselicious - they are Cole Haan Edison Chukka... not sure about color I got it on eBay... $80.. pretty damn good price..


@pryv75 - nice!!!! look great on you man!!!!!!!


i'm still trying to find how to wear this pair being so ripped..... i guess i also just need some self confidence to rock these.

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You are so right : i bought them but where could i wear them ?
Probably at a rock concert or at the seaside. And in Paris as well, we use to wear cool and casual outfits... icon_smile.gif
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great review, and your photos look amazing as always!

I have a quick question - how tall are you and what length size do you need? L30?

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Thanks @straychev, I am pretty small I am only 5'5... So yah definitely need 30L and even then there's good amounts of stacking
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