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Shioner length for 178cm?

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I've been wondering what length I should use. I'm 178cm and 32" leg has been right for me with Zathan in the past. However it seems Shioner is little longer, I think that 30" would be the right lenght if these should be straight without wrinkling on the ankle. But how is this cut suppose to look like? I think that the wrinkling on 32" leg (not sure if thats the correct word for it) looks about the same as on Diesel store pics.

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If you don't like your jeans to stack you should get 30".I'm about the same height as you and I usually get 32" for Diesel jeans.

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I'm also 178 and I wear L30 in Thavar and Shioner. They still stack a little bit. Just perfect.


I used to wear L32 in Zathan as well. They used to 'touch' the ground on the back of my shoes.

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I am 177 and I also wear L30 in Thavar and Shioner. For Tepphar and Sleeker however I some times go for L32 as the stacking in my opinion looks better with the slimmest jeans.


Germany just won the match guys! Exciting last minutes.

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Im 176 and L32 is way too much stack (Thavar, Safado, Darron, Iakop...), except Tepphar

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