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Hello everyone

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Hi everyone,
My name is L and I'm 20 years old. I'm from Thailand i used the selvedge forum as a verify member there it is a denim community in Thailand. Today is my first day at Denim blog nice to meet everyone.
Jeans I'm wearing Diesel Thanaz 61E, 71J, 8IW. My waist is 32 i can wear from W31 to 34 and L 32 to 34 .I'm looking for Diesel Thanaz 73J, 8SV, 72C, 72L
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They are very popular models and i am guessing they are very hard to find. Do check the marketplace on the denimblog you might be lucky to find them.

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Diesel Thanaz 61E 32/32

Another view of Diesel Thanaz 61E


Diesel Thanaz 71J 33/34


Diesel Viker 8SV 31/32 but already sold it to someone

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Recently this is what i have got




Top from Left Diesel Safado 73J, Nudie Grim Tim Org. Deep Shade, Diesel Thanaz 71J, Nudie Grim Tim Dry Orange Selvedge, Diesel Thavar 8B9, Unbranded 304

Bottom from Left Diesel Viker 8SV, Nudie Thin Finn Dusty Black, Diesel Thanaz 61E, Nudie Regular Alf Dry Selvedge, Diesel Krooley Turbo Denim 8QM


And tomorrow MY Diesel Thanaz 8SV will b arriving XD



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Nudie Grim Tim Org. Deep Shade




Diesel Safado 73J






Diesel Thavar 8B9


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