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Hey there. I obtained a pair of Kurrens the other day and the rise is perfect or close enough but they are a bit too loose in the leg. How do cuts like Quratt, Kuratt and Korrik compare with these (or any others I've not mentioned)? The reason I'm looking for these older cuts is that all the current ones look absolutely terrible on me and don't suit my proportions at all. The rise on Larkee's is unfortunately quite a bit too low and just doesn't look right at all. And they are also a bit too narrow in the leg, or at least in combination with the rise anyway (they might look ok with a higher rise). Larkee relaxed have a great fit in the thigh bit then they taper down which looks awful on me (again with a lower than ideal rise). I'm not in any way overweight or anything like that, i have low body fat. Any suggestions? The most key think here is the rise.

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If anyone is interested to know, after a lot of trial and error i have arrived at the fit i am looking for. It is the Levan. Perfect fit through the leg. Bit wider than the Larkee but narrower than the ones mentioned. The rise is lower than i would like though. For actual rise/fit in the waist the Quratt is the best, and then after that Kurren. If i took a pair of Quratt's and had them taken in to the width of Levan's then i may just have the perfect jean (for me). Not sure if it would look good though (regardless of the fading). I ended up also trying Korriks and Kajo although i Kajo's i got were way too tight to really comment on, i think the cut overall would be good but the rise too low and probably too narrow in the leg too.

I've tried on so many of the new cuts in a range of sizes and it's so so disappointing that i have to keep rejecting them, because they look so amazing and look amazing on other people but just don't work for me at all, and I've really tried. There are some really amazing washes that i wish i could wear, and there isn't a single other jeans designer that I've seen that comes close. Don't get me wrong, i could wear them anyway but since they don't suit my proportions I'd just be wasting my money. For me the whole point of spending a lot of money is the fit.

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Personnaly have never heard of these cuts
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M4tt, you might also want to consider Yarik. Might be a suitable cut, too.

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