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Originally Posted by lovekillsslowly View Post

sorry fans from thavar 608T.....


i wrote a message to giamatshop.... and this is the answer:



i'm sorry but i've not preordered this model for our shop.




I can wait for a good price :D

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Hi to everybody. 


i noted yr whishlist for new aw14-15 collection. 

Thks to all of you for the requests....i'll do my best to match all of them. 

I suppose that we should receive first delivery for new collection in a couple of weeks. (maybe less)


In this moment, i can't confirm which models will be delivered before and which later but i can advise which models we'll receive for sure. 


here below the list : 


PREVIEW COLLECTION (first 2 weeks of june)


THAVAR-NE 607U jogg

NARROT-NE 607W jogg 


THAVAR 608T      L.30 AND L.32

THAVAR 830P     L.30 AND L.32

TEPPHAR 830K   L.30 AND L.32

SLEENKER 830J  L.30 AND L.32


MAIN COLLECTION : (end of june)


THAVAR 827K      L.30 AND L.32

THAVAR 833Z      L.30 AND L.32

TEPPHAR 835L     L.30 AND L.32

THAVAR 833J       L.30 AND L.32

THAVAR 833F       L.30 AND L.32

SLEENKER 833F  L.30 AND L.32

BUSTER 835E       L.30 AND L.32

BELTHER 835L     L.30 AND L.32


all these models will be available fm w27 to w34. 


we'll receive also other models and washes but for the moment, i prefer write just these ones bcs we'll have bigger qty available. 


I'm sure you'll help me to sell them quicìkly with yr orders. 


Awaiting yr request!!


thks again to everybody!!

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What is with length 34?
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Any chance of larger waist sizes? Specifically 38?(L32)
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Any chance of having Krayver 834B in stock soon, Giamat?

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