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Sorry my friends, i dont know why i can not here rotate the photos, but last but not least is here a short review of Thavar 608T:
The denim feels similar to 886B...... 100% Cotton and also an Made in Italy wash








They have a very nice 3D Effect and nice details....
















Compared with 886B........






Daylight Photo:






....so i must say 608T is an amazing Jeans and definitely must have, i know they are pretty pricey, but gorgeous and one of the best washes!



....my new favorit pair





...... next stop from the new collection Belther 830J


























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Geil! icon_biggrin.gif

(which is German and translates to cool/awesome/wicked)
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Very nice pair - congrats!

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Fantastic. icon_smile.gif
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FFFFFUUUUU**.....this wash looks even better in photos........this will probably be the first wash ill get from the new collection. GIAMAT HURRY UP.

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super cool. the stitching in the crotch area is very interesting.

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daylight photo:




sorry for the crappy photo

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They look sensational. I think these may be the "must-have" of the season.
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nice, 3D effect is incredible!

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perfect 3D !

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damn wow.. they look great!! will they stretch out in the bum area like 886B does???


they really put my Braddom 802k in dark charcol to shame!! dammit

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That feeling of buying jeans of the new season....

Looks awesome man
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They look fantastic, Congratulations :)

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One of best in the new season!

Have not seen such as a pair of beautiful black-grey jeans ever!

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All is good and the jeans look great! But why do you say H/W 2014? Isn't it F/W 2014?

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probably using german variant :P
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@Weenie amazing pair


did you get your normal size? does it seem like it will stretch out easy?

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Have received today my pair in 27x30. Great details inside. Loose waist and the denim is not stiff so they will stretch for sure.
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Inside front pocket lining is different between right and left.
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A great wash !
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looks pretty cool man!!! did you get your usual 27x30?  how do you think they are compare vs 829b?  I am thinking if I'll need 29x30 or 28x30... i have 808z, 827w in 29x30 and they fit nice.. not tight but not too baggy.. i got 886b in 28x30 and the bum area stretched out a lot.

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@Denim Collector if they are similar to 829B then i would size down as much as possible. i am now a strict W30 in almost every cut and wash and when i went to my local diesel store to try a few pairs and wanted to try 829B, they didnt have it in my size so they gave me a W28 (!) which fit me perfectly from waist to calves. 

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I have a pair of 829B and i can say that the fit is pretty similar BUT comparing the same size 27x30 the 829B has a looser waist and the 806T is slimmer in the legs and the inseam is a littler shorter. I can post pics comparing both
jeans. The denim characterics are alike though thick cotton no stiffness and both will stretch.
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