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Really need your help!

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Hello guys. Although a long-time reader, I'm a first time poster!

Currently, the only jeans I own are Adidas Rekord jeans. I have around 7 pairs. Now, I don't know how familiar you are with them so I'll give you a little insight. The Rekord range comes in a carrot fit with slim legs. Sits nicely on the waist too.

I've been looking at making the change and getting some Diesel jeans for a variety of reasons. Two of the main ones are quality and variety of colours.

So.. I've been looking for jeans that fit similar to my Adidas Rekord jeans. As I've no experience with Diesel (barring some 'only the brave' aftershave my girlfriend bought me a couple of years ago), names like Tepphar, Thanaz, Shioner, Iakop, Sleenker mean very little to me.

Today, I took receipt of some Diesel Tepphar's I ordered a couple of days ago. On the waist, they sit brilliantly. On the thighs, they're perfect. However, from the knee to the hem, they're like leggings - too tight for my liking.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a cut that sits on the waist like the Tepphar, fits the thighs like the Tepphar but is a touch looser from the knee to the hem?

Thank you.
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Thavar or shioner would be good. Safado also. They get looser in that order.
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Like the Tepphar, do the cuts you have mentioned above come with the 2% elastane? I've really gotten into jeans that allow a bit of room for movement.

Thank you for your response.
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Some do. Check the product description on the wash you buy. Most sites will list the composition.
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Thank you for your help.

I'm going to my local diesel outlet store tomorrow so hoping to try on the jeans you've mentioned and taking it from there.

Also keep reading about the Sleenker. What's that like in terms of fitting? And in comparison with the Tepphar?
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Possibly even slimmer than tepphar.
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Thavar and Shioner are not carrot fit though, FYI. Sleenker fits very tight in the legs so you would likely not like them. Darron is a tapered fit with a looser leg opening, but doesn't fit as tight in upper half as tepphar. I encourage you to just try on a lot of stuff while youre there and see what fits your style and your body type the best!

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Really confused now :/ Lol.

I'll try on a few pairs tomorrow and see what a like and then be in touch again.

Thanks guys.
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Originally Posted by Noob View Post

Really confused now :/ Lol.

I'll try on a few pairs tomorrow and see what a like and then be in touch again.

Thanks guys.

Take some photos if you can. We can tell you which cut fits you better.

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Right guys. The Tepphar's that I received have started growing on me! The colour and the fact that I've been told that they will give way has made me think that they might be ok!

Anyway, went to the Diesel outlet in Cheshire Oaks this morning. Tried on a few variants - Darron, Iakop, Thanaz and Tepphar amongst a couple of others.

With some, I thought the thigh area was too narrow, others I thought had too high a rise, waist fitting not right etc. Then, I tried on the Thanaz. Very comfortable on the waist. Similar to the Tepphar on the thigh and a touch roomier than the Tepphar on the calf with a slightly bigger leg opening.

I purchased the Thanaz. Now I have a Tepphar & Thanaz at home. The Tepphar is black in colour. The Thanaz is dark blue in colour. I'm torn between the two. Pictures below guys.. Which looks/fits better?

Thanaz -

And the Tepphar -

I know the pictures aren't the best! Any advice appreciated guys.

Thank you.
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I'd probably get the Tepphar. :)

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It's all about your tolerance on below knee and leg opening; very narrow go for tepphar, for roomie go for thavar. Waist and thigh are pretty similar for the two.
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Thavar looks good.

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I agree - I'd go with the Thavar. It looks more proportionate overall. But that's just my personal preference.

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After trying both pairs on umpteenth times today, I've decide that the Thavar are for me.

Fantastic fit, very comfortable and in my eyes, they look good too.

Now to look online and see where I can get a few pairs from at decent prices!

Can you recommend any good sites? And which sites should I stay away from?
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@n00b good choice you made. You can try few places like YOOX, Cultizm, Giamatshop & Style centre( Jpr_Clothing on ebay ) on the blog, and Ebay off course.

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yes! thavar are my favorite cut! and they are coming out with a pleather of new washes for FW/14!

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Imo you should try the shioners and safados. Also Jeans you wear on the pics have an inseam way too long. You have thick hips you must hide ; you can't even do that with carrot cut. Good luck !
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