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Official Nudie Thread. (Jeans folks, Nudie Jeans so dont get any ideas!!!)

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Due to the increasing popularity of Nudie on this forum I think it deserves a thread of its own. So post your thoughts and fit pics here to see if we can get this forum more diversified. So lets be 'avin ye!!!

I'm gonna start, heres my pics of the Grim Tim Org. Wornin Pepper. Super Jeans:

Grim Tim Wornin Pepper

Allsaints Kobushi Jacket

Sendra Pete Boots


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great fit buddy. and i like the combination of clothes 

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This seller on ebay has nice Nudies.


dieselofmiami, see below:




and the prices are very good

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Grim Tim Wornin Pepper

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Thin Finn Dry Selvedge

Allsaints Murakami Shirt

Diesel Chron Zip Boots

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Dude!! Really like the Wornin Pepper on you... A great look... Is the color similar to 805a? Think I'm going to pick up a pair
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Cheers buddy! They kind of similar to 805A. They are originally green cast raw denim with dusty undertone in the original cotton. Worn down naturally like a standard stretch twill wash. My absolute favourite nudie wash. I get loads of wear out of them.
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Yes a beautiful wash... What color shirts seem to go best? Looks great with black. By the way I have 8S9 if you'd like to see some pics...
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Black, navy, blue, denim. Depends in your taste. I personally wouldn't wear em with a shirt. Tees only. Maybe a nice knit.
I never wear "washed" jeans with a shirt. Raw, black and very plain pairs only. Maybe some grey ones. Unless it's a casual look then check or denim shirts only.
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Oh btw, liked your look on the WDAYWT thread but if I could add a little critique, I wouldn't of gone with the boots, double denim would've looked a lot slicker with a nice pair of plims. Cons, for example. For me, it would balance out the slimness of the jeans. Or if you want a smarter look try some suede chukkas or suede brogues maybe.
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Thanks very much for the advice.  Yes I remember now a while back that you remarked that when wearing skinny jeans, boots can often make you look like a golf club which is unflattering.   Its a good point.  I should probably wear the Cassidys with my safados, krooleys and darrons.  Its interesting that you recommend Brogues because I've been eyeing a couple of pairs for purchase.  Please let me know if you like one more than another or if you have a different recommendation.  I'm looking for something in black:

1.  http://www.donaldjpliner.com/product/vachetta_leather_oxford_eveb-7777.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=fn

2.  http://www.yoox.com/us/44676909CR/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=44676909CR&sizeId= j



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Thin Finn Wornin Pepper.
Drykorn shirt (my new fav. shirt brand!)

Bought these last year, but they didn't get much wears. Don't like the low placing of the back pockets, but after seeing Phukettes' pictures, I'm starting to wear them more often, because the wash is so great!

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Looking great in that outfit Ramirez! How comfortable are these jeans? They look like a Shioner fit or more thavar?
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Personally I think the back looks excellent on you Ramirez. The pockets seem to be sitting in the right place. I had these in thin Finn but returned them for that exact reason. I've since picked 3 thin finns.
Love the shirt too.
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Thanks guys!

I think Thin Finn is more like Sleenker, since it's tight from the knees down. The fabric is soft and stretchy, but not to much stretch. I still have the feeling I'm wearing jeans, but without the stiffness. Hard to describe icon_neutral.gif

I also have a Grim Tim in a regular blue. Thinking about a dry denim from Nudie as well!
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@Ramirez They look stunning. Always wanted a pair of Nudie's. After looking at your pics looks like i need to invest in a pair next.

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Grim Tim Black Ring

Allsaints Archive Leather

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Very nice.. Like the outfit and especially the jacket with the black denim pairing.  Did you treat the jeans at all?  Looks like a little bit of distressing?

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No fading, no distressing. Just black raw jeans. Love these, so versatile and a cracking fit. That leather is a old one but a good one. I wear it so much and it's aged so well. The colour is actually very dark brown and it's gotten darker as I've oiled it since I bought it. A process if recommend to any leather owner.
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1st post in a long time
Nudie grim Tim worn pepper
Diesel liede jacket [IMG]
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Nice! Love those Wornin pepper. It's one of my go to pairs.
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Grim Tim Black Ring

Levis Vintage Hoody

Allsaints Sandringham Polo

INC Blazer

River Island Boots

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Tape Ted Org Clean Darkblue





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