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jogg jacket sizing

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Im looking to purchase my first jogg jacket. I would like to know how is the sizing on them in general? I am a M in most diesel jacket, will M in jogg jacket be ok or should I size down to S given how jogg jeans will stretch in most case, jacket might stretch too?


Hopefully someone who has jogg jacket could shed some insight.

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Ma bro.

I have 1 jacket myself (the one which looks like 800E) and I tried one in store (the wash of this one is like 885b). The M in 800E fits like S in 885b. I am S. My jacket didn't stretch.
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Thanks for the info Baltimore. The one I'm interested is either the 807g or 600u which are older washes. I was planning to try other washes in store for reference, but from what you said, I guess that won't do me any good now.

Does anyone have info on how these 2 washes fit? Thanks.
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Have bought the leshar joggjeans jacket online size XS. Soft denim which will stretch for sure.
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@ pryv75,

So I should get S?
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Everything stretches, but in this case not 1 size. I even sized up. So or get your usual size or even size up. To be safe get your own size M.

If you get S while you're M, it will look like women jacket on you. It will be too short. It will in no way stretch in the lenght, because that's just not possible... like jeans do not stretch in the lenght, but only at waist and thigh where there is pressure.
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I agree. I do not think even a joggjeans jacket will stretch one full size. Sizing down might well result in a jacket that's far too short, tight, and just looks plain ill-fitting.

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Good to know. Thanks guys.
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Jogg jackets are nice.....but I agree they run tight. I'm a tight medium and actually returned an amazing jacket to Ssense some time back because it was just too tight. Stick with a medium if you fit a medium well.
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Thanks for the advice.
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i have lots of jackets at my store like megan fox leather jacket 

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