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Thavar 886b

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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to buy a pair of Thavar 886b soon and before doing so I have questions regard to its fit and length. I own a pair of Thavar 811p in 27x30 and a pair of Thavar 888p in 28x32. Can anyone tell me which one of these washes is 886b similar to? I bought 811p in 27x30 because I heard they run long and big and it was correct. 888p fit me about perfect in 28x32. Should I get 886b in w27 or w28? and does it run long like 811p? Should I get L30 or L32? your help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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I'd say 27x32 because 886B doesn't run long and the waist tends to stretch a little, as some users here who own it have reported.

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DEF W27.

886B was strech a lot, so if 888p was perfect for you with w28 -  take 886b 1 size down to w27.

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I have Thavar 886b in 28x30 and most other thavar's I own are 29x30... 886B will stretch out a bit in the bum area.

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