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Online shopping in the US

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Need everyone's help. I haven't been able to find a very good selection of diesel jeans in a 30 length online. eBay is hit or miss, mostly miss, zappos is mostly loose fit or bootcut...where are some other good resources? I'm trying to get a few pairs to replace others I've sold off, and not having much luck. The diesel online store also doesn't have much I like in the current washes, except for one I had already picked up. Suggestions
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Hi, we have a huge amount of both current and many of the best past season styles available in our ebay store, I also have a healthy amount of L.30, if you let me know your waist size I can send you a direct link to what we have for you, also as a DB member we will discount ebay prices for you, especially for multiple purchases, here is a link to our store for now also, any questions let me know, thanks James



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Awesome! I'm a 28x30 usually, unless there's no give, then 29x30. Looking forward to checking your site when I get home!
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@Gruidl - James is great @stylecentre ; fast shipping so you can buy with confidence.

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Gruidl, let me know if you need any help or if you have any questions ill be happy to help, thanks for the recommendation denim collector!

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Thanks stylecentre! I checked and no washes at the moment, but I've got it bookmarked!
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Ugh...I just got my Belther 823U pair in the mail from ASOS and got the wrong size.  Sold out of the right size now too.  Anyone know where else I might find in a 29x30?  I'm in love with the color on these, but they're just too tight and I don't think they'll stretch that inch I need :(

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Have you tried SSENSE or looking at Shopstyle (here's a sample search that had a bunch of sites)

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Thanks Jennifer!  I tried Shopstyle.  Couldn't find the exact one I wanted, but trying a different cut in the same color.  Didn't know about Shopstyle!

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