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You guys are the experts

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Hello all, 


I am new here, i ran into your forum when i was searching for some diesel related stuff.  I was in the diesel shop today and found some Jogg jeans, i was surprised those even existed.  I straight away thought I will def. replace my jeans with Joggs.  The only problem i found was that all the Joggs they had were very tight from the bottom (feet/ankle) as if it was slim cut.  


I was dissapointed that the saleswoman said that they dont have a straight cut on the Joggs like the Larkee.  I would like to ask, do those even exist? if not, what is the most straight cut i can find for the Joggs? and what is the best/cheapest online shop i can find genuine Joggs?


The one in my country will be bringing the next batches of Joggs next June and they retail for USD400 which was double the price of the normal jeans i usually buy.


Can anyone shed some light please.  thanks :)

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There's a Waykee Jogg Jeans available http://shop.diesel.com/waykee-joggjeans-0605x/00S8W80605X.html


Waykee is a straight cut, pretty close to Larkee, but not exact the same.


Sadly jogg jeans are very expensive, kinda overpriced line from Diesel. And they dont put them on the sale like they do for every other jean.

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Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated it.


I had a look at the link you provided, sadly, Im 30 years old and I just dont think its appropriate for me to wear a jeans with a hole (why didn't this style die already?).


Anyway, are there any other cuts that are "almost" straight? of better yet, would I be able to get the Waykee in different color or one without a hole ??


Thanks :)

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