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Diesel Cassidy boot

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I am thinking about purchasing a pair of Diesel Cassidy boots. I was curious if anyone on the forum has purchased these before and how much you like them. Is this a good boot to wear with Diesel skinny and slim cuts? Are they comfortable and are they constructed well? Do you recommend them? I would appreciate your advice. If you would recommend a different boot please let me know. Thanks!
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there are few posts about cassidy boots (at least from me). size down on this boots from your sneaker (diesel) size. there are nice and well constructed but because of the thick sole and also "hard" leather they aren't much comfortable.

I would say they go nice with slim / "loose" skiny jeans well. If jeans are fitted like leggins, you can look like clown (toe is bulky).

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Thanks very much Zdenal. I'm thinking of buying the Cassidy boot or the Chron Zip. I'm going to try them on this weekend. Have you tried the Chron zip in black from this season,
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I found some old pics



with my mij 19cm raws

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Agree with z, the boots tip might be little big for small hem jean.
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Thanks very much for all the pics Zdenal! Really appreciate it... Yes I don't know what I think about that big rounded toe. I've got size 46 feet and think it just might look too bulky for a guy like me. The Chron zip is a much narrower shoe and might be the better choice
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