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Other jeans brands

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Hey guys


Since I'm not that satisfied with the latest releases of Diesel I'm looking for new jeans brands. Have you ever bought or made good experiences with other brands?

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I like Scotch&Soda, Zara's velour Jeans are great alternative for Diesels Jogg Jeans, Nudies and Levis does have some nice cut and washes also but are more classical than Diesels washes.

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Try Replay, Energie, Scotch&Soda, G-Star Raw, Guess and maybe Antony Morato. These are the alternatives to Diesel. Although 'alternatives' is not the right word, because Diesel is so much more than these brands in any criteria. Cuts, washes, quality and etc.

But Replay, Energie and Scotch&Soda are what comes closer to Diesel.

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I'm surprised you didn't mention Dior yet. :P
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;-) I almost forgot to mention Dior Homme :-))) No, I just want to add Diesel "comparable" brand only.

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Best new men's jeans in the market...BALDWIN & 3X1 are about to blow up! C'mon denim peeps...and you call yourselves denim afficionados! :010:

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I actually checked out Jack & Jones, the Royal Denim Division, their high end ones where jeans are MII... they are pretty cool too and cost about same as pair of Diesels low price jeans.  but you're getting best quality.

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