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Hello everybody out there. This is my first thread an first of all i would like to apologize my bad english!


I am a big fan of Diesel Jeans for almost ten years an i started wiht the Zathan bootcut. Even though to many people bootcuts are a no go in my opinion they are timeless. Everything comes back. We have the revival of the skinny jeans and we will have a revival of the bootcut. Zathan creates a fantastic "backside" due to my ex-girlfriend and i have to agree wiht that.


Skinny Jeans, to be honest, do not fit me quite well so i tried safados and they seem to be perfect for me. I have saveral pairs in length 30 and 32 and i still do not know widge length fits better (5 Feet 11 Inches = 1,80 meter). What do you guys think?


Does anyone of you have the Safado wash 827J? Unfortunately the Diesel Shops in Cologne and Düsseldorf (Germany) do not have the cut and in the internet shops they look quite different in each of them. I like how the wash looks in "zappos" for example whereas the pictures in "diesel online store" are looking quite different. Does anyone have experience with that wash? Thanks for your anwers anyway.