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Ebay returns

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I purchased a pair of sunglasses on ebay back in Dec which I now think are fakes. since the paypal window is closed, is there any way for me to get a refund? Do I have to prove that they're fakes? I emailed the seller a couple weeks ago asking if they were 100% authentic and she said they were but I still have doubts. Am I out of luck?
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I think your only chance of getting your money back was through paypal since the seller won't openly admitt that they're fakes. :(

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I'm debating getting an authenticator to authenticate them but don't really want to pay for that, ugh.

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You'll probably have to prove they're fakes if you want eBay or PayPal to take action for you. It really depends how much it would cost to have them authenticated and how much you'd save from a refund

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