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Vegas shopping!

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So I am heading to Vegas this weekend, and depending on how the cards treat me I am going to do some shopping. Anyone been there have some good ideas? I am very excited to hit up the Diesel store(s?) there as the ones here in Portland and Seattle closed. Last time I was there I checked out the Dior raw denim, really cool stuff. I am just looking for anything cool/interesting there, I know they have lots of fashion shows and stuff as well. Thanks for any ideas!

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I would just like to ask for some photos of the store from the outside at least, last time i was there it was in 2010(i think) so it must have changed at least a bit! :)
I would love to see some photos from over there

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Sure man I'll give it a shot!
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whaaaaat, really? no Diesel store in Portland!?!?!  And the Seattle downtown one closed too???!?

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There is 1 store inside the Caesar palace forum shops and another one at the shopping plaza across from Wynn hotel. Both are regular diesel store which should carry all the current season stuff.

There is also an outlet off the 15 freeway, I recall about 15 min from the strip. But sorry I don't recall which exit.
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Just google Las Vegas North Premium Outlet and its in there.

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Actually the one in Seattle is still open, I just called them. I had called them a few weeks ago and the number wasn't working, so still one in Seattle at least. No shit the one in Portland closed I was the only guy that went in there and I never bought anything because it's cheaper online haha.


I wish I could hit up the outlet store but we won't have a car there I don't think so that's probably out.

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well that's a bummer!! portland one would have no tax too!! seattle one has 8.25% tax i think... which is annoying.


you can taxi to the premium outlet in vegas.... its not that bad. lots of taxi's go there; and really easy to taxi back to the strip.

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Or you can take the bus. It's available on the strip and one of the stops is at that outlet.
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The bus is a good idea I might just do that! We are spending almost four days there, a bit too long but hey it's a free trip lucky enough, so I should have time.
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gonna hit up spear head rhino or sapphire other good spots?? =)

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I have not heard of those places, I will have to check them out!

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hahahahaha... i'm just buggin you about those spots, they are not your usual clubs if you know what i mean.


have a great trip on Vegas man... good luck hope you win some money!

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Hahaha got me on that one! I was like "must be some cool stores I haven't heard of they sound trendy".


We are going to hit up XS I think, try (and probably fail haha) to meet some girls there.

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not sure which days you are there but definitely hit up the night swim at the XS... god it was so much fun; everyone in bikinis at night, in the pool splashing everywhere.. just jump in flip the girls air animals and then pick them up make out w/ them then toss them into the pool.

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Hey so update on my trip to Vegas. I went to all of the diesel stores here, including the outlet store (which wasn't very good). It was great to chat with some of the guys working there who actually knew their stuff. Didn't end up buying anything because I found the jeans I really wanted for way cheaper online. But great to try them on. They also has a special "Vegas" Thavar cut which I thought was hilarious. Someone asked me for pics of the store so here you all go.

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cool update!!!! hmmmm that Vegas Thavar doesn't look anything interesting in my opinion... great that you didn't pick it up!!!!!

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  • Brach Zaff I was the one who asked for photos of the store! Thank you a lot! Looks   like it has changed a lot! :) I bet you had a great time over there in Vegas
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Youre welcome straychev! I did have a blast in Vegas, saw some guys there wearing some really cool stuff. Gave me some ideas. Ya that thavar wash was terrible, just thought it was funny it was a Vegas wash.
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Hope you ate lots at the buffet and checked out some parties or shows!

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Ya we went to XS and Marquee and saw Le Reve, (cirque du soleil show which was insane!).


The women in Vegas put these pale Portland hipsters to shame haha!

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