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Zathan 772 Authenticity

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Hey guys. So I recently sold a pair of authentic Zathan 772s on ebay and have a buyer who thinks they are fake. I know they are authentic, but would love it if you guys could take a look and post your thoughts so I can have this as proof as the buyer opened a paypal dispute. It is super annoying because I can't seem to sell a pair of jeans without some noob saying that they're fake once they get them. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance.

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They are 100% genuine. Hope you don't get screwed over by eBay! They, in my experience, always rule against the seller and in favour of the buyer.
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Have you asked them why they think they are even fake? They might not even have a good reason. The fact that details change over the years for example.

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Yes, they replied with:


"first of all this model has the model name written on a tag on the back which this does not have diesel uses a different stiching on all their jeans this one has a home made stiching anyone can put in the tag that is on this ,,,i ve had these model before and got these because mine where worn and I dont need a certification to know they are fake ,i will post these back with tracking after I tell paypal and ebay about this"

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Don't delete the photos you've taken of pair you sold.He probably owns a fake pair of the same wash and he'll try to send you his pair instead of yours.

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