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£80 (GBP) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Diesel: Koolter 008X2, Thavar 880M, Shioner 008MD_STRETCH, Darron 0880F,Darron 008UP, Diesel Black Gold RN 93242 CA 25594

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have the following Diesel jeans for sale. The collection consists of 5 pairs of original Diesel jeans, as well as 1 pair of original Diesel Black Gold jeans:

Diesel: Dirty New Age- Koolter 008X2 (Regular Slim-Tapered) W32 L30
Price = ₤80 (Excl Shipping)

Diesel: Darron 0880F (Regular Slim-Tapered) W30 L30
Price = ₤80 (Excl Shipping)

Diesel: Thavar 8880M (Slim-Skinny) W30 L32
Price = ₤80 (Excl Shipping)

Diesel: Shioner 008MD_STRETCH (Slim-Skinny) W30 L32
Price = ₤75 (Excl Shipping)

Diesel: Darron 008UP (Regular Slim-Tapered) W32 L30
Price = ₤80 (Excl Shipping)

Diesel Black Gold: Unique one-of-a-kind piece (Limited Pieces Available) RN 93242 CA 25594 W31 L32
Price = ₤80  (Excl Shipping)

Contact me for more pictures, as well as shipping costs.

Please note: I have not included shipping costs in the price, as shipping will vary depending on your country.


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