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Raw Diesel Wash Codes

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Hi all,

I do not see a list of raw Diesel washes, so I figured I would start one. Please feel free to contribute!

8y9 (TurboDenim)
604B (2% elastic)
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820N (slub denim "speckled")
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Is 806X raw?
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not 100% sure but i dont think so. it's got distress marks and some very subtle fading on it as is.

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Thanks. The pictures I have seen looked like there were no marks/fading.
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I think there was an old super rare thanaz one as well back in the day. Diesel raws are kind of a joke, I mean the turbo denim is fun but very poor quality and I have never seen any decent fades from the other ones listed above, but they look ok just clean/raw as is.

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