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Diesel Tepphar 823D Spring Summer 2014 Fit Pics and Review

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So I posted my latest purchase in the other thread and a few users were asking about the colours. Apologies for the delays in response, I try to get on here when I can but often I forget!

Due to the intrigue I decided to set up this thread using @Denim Collectors reviews as a template (minus the wall - you know which one) 😉

So when I initially saw these, I wondered why the hell they were £300. Then I managed to have a look in store and it was clear that they were pitched at this price due to the material. Upon first view, they appear to be another dark ash similar to that of 886A and 8W3 but it is only when you look at them in a different light that you manage to see the details.

Here are some pictures in varied lighting.

The composition of these is 95% cotton, 4% elasterell and 2% elastane. I took my usual Tepphar size which is a 30 and I am happy with the way they fit. They have an onvious stretch but return to their usual shape after wear. The wash feels almost like it has a waxed glaze over it, very similar to the Superbia 60E from the Black Gold collection. You can see that on close inspection, these are not just your average dark wash. The website pictures show a dirty tint to them, which is evident, but not overbearing when you see them in a good lighting. Too much and I think it may kill the wash.

They feel substantial (not too thin) and I particularly like the details such as the fading along the outer sides of the leg. These are an ideal pari of dark jeans that will go with most top half pieces. Im wearing them at work today with an All Saints Denim Jacket, DBG Henley and a pair of ASOS Chelsea Boots. I feel these could also be worn in a more casual or formal combination. Depending on the occasion.

These ones really show how the lighting affects the colours....

Overall, I really like this pair. Having said that, I am a bit of a sucker for jeans in my cut that are expensive as long as they are not too loud. As soon as I saw these in store they went onto my list, so I probably would have paid as much as £200 for them during the sales. £300 is too much IMO. As it turns out, I got them for around £100 on ebay.de (Sorry @Quettingen) and I am happy with that price.

Any questions - get in touch. Hope this has been useful.
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Wow. I gotta get a pair of them! Maybe sale time though. €315 is too rich for my blood.
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I agree, £300 is ridiculous. I am surprised they would sell any at that price but the online store only has a couple of sizes left.

My obsession would have pushed me to £200 (probably regrettably) but glad I got them a lot cheaper!

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i saw these when i visited the diesel store last weekend and they are so beautiful IRL. i have to say i havent been impressed w/ a pair of diesels like this one in a long time. from what i remember the denim felt thick though? or maybe i'm just thinking that because they felt heavy? i'm guessing the wax coating adds some weight.  anyway tepphar is not my cut but if it was i would def be grabbing these!

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@ leftvapor,

Very nice review. Like I said in other thread, yours is so much different than mine, colors & yellow tint.

Here is mine. Hope you don't mind me posting.

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Course not @Deiselicious


Still a very nice pair you have their despite the higher tonal contrast. Yours look very similar to the Diesel stock photo!




You are right, I wouldn't day they are too thick but they are definitely a little bit heavier than some of my other Tepphar!

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Thanks leftvapor.

When I bought mine, I didn't know one would come with so little yellow. I would of got both pair.

What's the lab # on yours? Mine is 006437. And the last small tag behind "application 100% cow leather" has a "3" on it. What does yours say?
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Very nice review!!!!!  I enjoyed reading through it and everything is exactly as you mentioned.. very acurate!!!!


yah Dieselicious, all the ones I've seen in this wash has more yellow and brown.. But the one you got is mainly black and its damn sexy!!!!!!!


Phukette if you can, grab the Superbia BG60E how Leftvapor mentioned.. its quite similar feel but cheaper and is black....

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@ DC,

I really love the yellow. But leftvapor's pair are damn nice too. I would totally go for it but it might be very close to 60e.
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Thanks guys, glad my review was deemed to be an acceptable standard 😄
Like I said, tried to copy your format Denim Collector - just gotta put a denim wall in place now!

@ Dieselicious - Sorry to delay, the lab on mine 003100 and I have a circular sticker with a 4 on mine, but its stuck onto the same tag where the lab, lav etc is printed!
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Hmm interesting, different lab, that could explain the color difference. Thanks leftvapor
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